Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® began it’s existence in 2013. Shelley Martin won Miss Arizona Bike Week in 2012 and while she was on stage, she announced that she was going to start a ride for prostate cancer in honor of her dad, James Martin and her grandfather, Louis Rivetts. In 2013, one year from the day of her announcement, Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® took place.

With help from a few friends helping research different organizations, we came across a prostate cancer survivor, his name is Robert Hess. Robert has been a very strong supporter and a big help in guiding Shelley in the right direction. Robert told Shelley that the way to get men to get tested early is through women, so here I am.

In 2015, with the help of our attorneys, Melissa Hughes (our Secretary) and Shelley Martin (our President), Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® achieved the official status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the IRS (tax id: 47-4175679).

Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® has provided charitable donations to the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Online Prostate Tracker and offers blood draw screenings through Healthwaves.

Shelley Martin’s father and grandfather both lost their battle with prostate cancer, but not without one heck of a fight. They were Shelley’s biggest male influences in her life. She wanted to save mens lives and to also help their loved ones in their time of need. It’s a difficult road for all involved.

Our vision is to promote education, early detection, and awareness to anyone seeking information for themselves, or a loved one, diagnosed with prostate cancer. Battling cancer, any cancer is a scary time. So many questions and uncertainties slap you right in the face. We want to help you find the answers you need.

Each year we strive to be able to not only save lives, but to touch more men in a positive way, as they fight the battle of their lives. We raise money, we ride, and we celebrate those that have looked cancer in the eye and stared it down and won. We also celebrate the lives of those that fought hard but are no longer with us. We celebrate the kick off to Arizona Bike Week, we raffle off items that people and companies have kindly donated and/or have hand made to raise more money for those men in need…our men.

Your participation, your donations, your time, ALL go where it is needed, and stays in our community.

Please help us make a difference and donate today.