President | Shelley Martin

I am the Senior Event Coordinator for Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, the worlds largest H-D dealership. Occasionally you can find me bartending on a Saturday night at the world famous Dirty Dogg Saloon.

I am the President of Bikers for Boobies and Peace Out, Prostate Cancer®.

Cancer has touched my life within my family and close friends for many years. I have made it my personal mission to kicks cancers ass. Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® was started in honor of my dad and my grandfather.

In addition to starting Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® in 2013, I started a breast cancer ride back in 2009, called Bikers for Boobies AZ. Bikers for Boobies became its own 501(c)(3) in 2013. Under B4B 501(c)(3), we made it so we could raise money for all types of cancer with the emphasis on breast cancer. Bikers for Boobies also began accepting grant applications.

I didn’t realize when starting these “rides” just how much of an impact they would not only make on my life, but the impact it would have on those that join us – whether with cancer, those that have loved ones with cancer, or if fortunate enough, the people that just want to help the cause. We, as a community, come together and make a very powerful, heart warming impact.

It is very important to our board that people do not feel alone. I personally have not had cancer, but I have been on the roller coaster ride with several of my family members and friends – although I wish cancer did not exist, it does, and there isn’t anywhere in the world that I’d rather be than next to my loved ones while they are receiving their treatments. It’s obviously most difficult for the person that has cancer, however, it’s a hard road for their loved ones as well. We offer support for both sides.

Working tirelessly with our board members to make both Peace Out, Prostate Cancer® and Bikers for Boobies bigger and better is my biggest accomplishment. I put my heart and soul into both foundations. I find great reward in helping others and in knowing that my loved ones who are still here and those that have passed with cancer are proud of me and what we have achieved.

I have also volunteered my time to various charities and foundations for 20 plus years. From volunteering with homeless children, to rebuilding homes for the less fortunate, to bringing a family out of homelessness. I have organized fundraisers for people and/or animals in need. I have volunteered at animal shelters and when I can, I still rescue animals. I am very proud to say that I have a very successful record of finding the animals their “forever homes”.

I believe that everyone is here for a reason and mine is to make a difference. I strive to make that difference every day.

With my remaining free time you will find me riding my Harley-Davidson, painting, sewing, and/or spending time with my family, friends and animals and making every day count!!